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Learning and working are the process to build and accumulate our asset!

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By your side.

Train you to become a professional Java programmer.

  • Self-Paced learning environment.
  • Practice with the pressure as working with the real life project.
  • Be supported by a mentor, learn how to manage a real project.

Join to test with us and you can be introduced to work for the Top Tech Companies in Viet Nam.


Computer Introduction

(Free) For the beginner or not confident about the basics of computer.

Software Concept Introduction

(Free) For the beginner who are not familiar with how the software works in the computer.

Programming the simple Java application

Help you more confident programming a simple software running on computer with any common Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Macintosh.

Programming the Java software on the Internet

Help you to program the Java software on the Internet.

Take a test to evaluate your current skill

Depends on the different technical skills of each individual, we will have the orientation in adjusting the teaching methods and appropriate training path.

Special and appropriate training methods to stimulate your technical skills development.

Each session helps you gain experience, practice many skills

Summarize the theory by reading Ebook. Learn the technical terms, the concepts of programming in English.

The theory is indicated by examples, real life situation. Apply the knowledge to explain real life situation. Practice the ability to interview with employers in the future.

Apply the theory we learn to do examples, the projects are highly realistic. Practicing hands-on skills with high requirements as in real life.

Realistic and vivid content

Knowledge gained from the real life.

Shared from the highly experienced programmer crew.

Provide full documents. Various types of exercise

Call now

Call now to be advised and discounted for 50%.

Training motto

Learning is to accumulate assets.

Compliance with discipline

Practicing discipline, commitment is the key to be successful in your work

Detailed documents

Clear and detailed documents helps you practice easily.


Sharing and helping friends develop together is a key to associate teamwork.


Your ability is only explored in the face of challenges.


We would like to announce the 50% discount for the first 10 registrations in June 2018.

Basic computer

0vnd /month

  • Online learning
  • Direct support 1 hour / week
  • Online exam
Call 0977 548 348

Java Application Development

6Million vnd /3 months

  • Online learning 96 hours
  • Contact 24/7
  • Direct support 24 hours
Call 0977 548 348

Our crew

The program is designed and supported by a team of high experienced trainers.

Le Ngoc Thach

The founder

Nguyen Le Truong Tho

Sales man

Tran Do Y Hoc

Technical leader

Nguyen Hoang Hiep

Software developer


Provides professional Java programmer training services.

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Ward Tăng Nhơn Phú A
District 9, Ho Chi Minh City


0977 548 348

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